Strategic Sourcing Solution

Strategic Sourcing Solution

Strategic Sourcing Solutions Provided by Neogrid

Strategic Sourcing Solution provided by Neogrid is a cloud-based online services that enables efficient procurement operations in a short period of time. It is also known as WEB-Negotiation, Online Negotiation, Online Procurement. We have been providing this Online Negotiation services for more than 20 years. This solution has traditionally provided visibility and efficiency in purchasing and procurement operations, and it has made it possible to reduce procurement costs. It is also being used for Telework at home, and it is possible to communicate with suppliers around the world. An increasing number of companies are using it as a mean to implement CSR procurement in collaboration with existing suppliers and to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is also ideal for searching new suppliers, redefining trade conditions with existing suppliers, and expanding the handling of products, GNFR products, materials and services.
This solution operates in a strong security environment consisting of 4 layers and supports 18 languages including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Key Features of Strategic Sourcing Solution

・ Auction function (English Reverse, Reverse Dutch, Reverse Japanese and Forward)

・ RFx function (RFI: Request for Information, RFP: Request for Proposal, RFQ: Request for Quotation) with scoring

・ Business negotiation history management function

・ Supplier information management function

Benefits of Strategic Sourcing Solution

・ Operational Efficiency
The cloud-based system centralizes purchasing and procurement operations that were distributed to each location and to individual person in charge. Achieve operational efficiency through four types of auctions tailored to business negotiation scenes, Request for Information, Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation, and Supplier information management.

・ Visualization of Operations
By creating a database of business negotiation history and supplier information, it becomes possible to properly understand the status of purchasing / procurement activities and evaluate suppliers.

・ Reduction of Procurement Cost
Electronic quotations can reduce operational costs such as operating costs that have occurred in the negotiation process and labor costs due to reduction of work time. A Reverse auction (competitive bidding) makes it possible to significantly reduce procurement costs.

・ Strengthening Corporate Compliance and Governance
Visibility into the supplier interaction and selection process ensures transaction transparency and fairness. It leads to stronger compliance and enhances corporate governance.

・ Responding to the Environment
Request for Information, Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation, Supplier information management can be used to efficiently collect information. It can be efficiently dealt with when procuring products after considering various social issues such as environmental issues and human rights issues. In addition, by conducting purchasing and procurement operations on the Internet, we will promote paperless and reduce CO2.

・ Conduct a Joint Procurement
We also support the concentration of demand within the same organization and between companies with which have a business alliance, as well as conducting a joint procurement between the parent company and related companies. By consolidating and increasing the procurement volume, the price decreases and the procurement cost can be reduced.

Mainly Used in Following Departments

It can be used in various departments in a wide range of industries that carry out purchasing and procurement operations.

Manufacturing, Quality Management, Material Management, Marketing, General Affairs etc.

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