Supply Chain Solution

Supply Chain Solution

Supply Chain Solution provided by Neogrid

The system uses algorithms based on data and statistics such as past achievements, latest status, and upcoming events. In addition, it is a collaborative inventory optimization solution that implements inventory management functions based on the theory of dynamic buffer management (DBM) and manages the optimal number of demands on the supply chain and the best replenishment timing. It also has a business intelligence function that allows you to visualize and understand the analysis of out-of-stock status, sales trends, and product mix based on POS data.

Key Features of Supply Chain Solution

Demand Planning, Demand Forecasting, S&OP, CPFR, VMI, POS Analysis, Business Intelligence

Benefits of Supply Chain Solution

・ Improvement of customer service level
Inventory is managed at each place to minimize out-of-stock and phantom inventory. It also avoids the risk of lost sales opportunities due to inventory shortages and improves customer service levels.

・ Reduction of labor costs for demand forecasting and ordering
Based on the past few years of data such as sales, orders, inventory, etc., the optimal algorithm is automatically selected according to the trend of the data and the demand is predicted. This will lead to optimal order automation and will contribute to labor cost control and order improvement.

・ Collaboration throughout the supply chain
Even if the manufacturing and sales sides have different plans and target values, we will efficiently calculate demand forecasts and carry out smooth cooperation with our business partners. You can perform demand forecasting and inventory management for the entire supply chain.

・ Improvement of decision making process
The sales performance (POS data) of multiple retailers is integrated into one platform, enabling business intelligence such as sales performance analysis and reporting.

Mainly used in following department

Supply chain, Logistics, Sales, Manufacturing, Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Product Development etc.

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